[Northkeep] something of a new situation for me.

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Sat Jul 14 08:47:23 PDT 2007

Good luck, Ivo!! Stay strong and flexible and please let Johann and I know 
if you need anything!

- GG and family

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>Subject: [Northkeep] something of a new situation for me.
>Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 10:44:34 -0500
>Unto the Province of Mooneschadowe and the Baronies of Northkeep, Narmon
>and Weisenfeuer,
>I have been getting various questions about my situation, so I figured I
>would answer them all in one post.
>As some of you may have heard, and many have not, my current employment
>situation has effectively dissolved.  The company I am working for is in
>the final phases of collapsing under the weight of its own debt. It is
>not particularly pretty, but thanks to the level head of the owner, it
>is a blessedly calm event; no name calling, no back stabbing and no
>looting of the office before people leave.
>I was fortunate enough to discover the impending demise of the company
>before the final stages set in. To make a long story short, I was able
>to secure a new job, starting the 7th of August, doing almost exactly
>what I am was doing before, and for substantially better pay and benefits.
>My new job is now in Oklahoma city, roughly the central portion of the
>city itself, just off of I-35.
>So, as some of you might suspect, this will affect my current SCA 
>In general, I'm hoping to use the Oklahoma city location to my
>advantage. My general-highly flexible-plan is to attend the populace
>meetings of Weisenfuer, Northkeep, Namron and Mooneschadowe. While
>Mooneschadowe will always be my home, I hope that I can strengthen my
>ties to the three Baronies in the north at the same time.
>To Northkeep, I actually plan to maintain my regular attendance of your
>populace meetings, though I will be out of the state when this month's
>meeting roles around.
>To Weisenfuer, I look forward making myself less scarce, as your bardic
>champion, I think this will be a great chance to get to know the group I
>represent a little better.
>I'll have to subscribe to Namron's list... yet another thing to add to
>my "to-do" list.
>In service,
>Lord Ivo Blackhawk
>Province of Mooneschadowe
>Bardic Champion of Weisenfeuer
>Voice Herald at large
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