[Northkeep] Beltane Tavern

sandra goodrich tgnst at swbell.net
Wed May 2 12:20:24 PDT 2007

Tavern fee--$7
  Drinks only--$3
  Bring your own feastware, no disposibles provided...
  No washing of dishes in sinks other than the kitchen ones, a Dishwashing sevice will be provided in the kitchen for a small fee, job dependant,  :-)
  Separate Tokens for Drinks and Food, available for purchase at the tavvern...
  Food Token will be a 5 meal punch card, punches taken at purchasers discretion, Example--a couple daytripping could buy one tavern and one separate drinks token, and share the meals, :-)
  There will be alecarte' things available for separate purchace from the food contest, Examples--sweets, deviled eggs...
  Friday Nite--Beans with Ham and Cornbread
  Saturday Breakfast--Biscuits w/Sausage Gravy, Oatmeal
  After Breakfast and into the night as available--Various Soups, Stews, Chowders cooked by various cooks of the region...Examples--Venison, Seafood Chowder, Cockaleekie, Beef, Exploded Cabbage Roll , Chicken Sausage Gumbo... 

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