[Northkeep] Fw: Re: Reattaching the pin to a brooch?

Gisela giselavonwolfsburg at gmail.com
Wed May 2 12:10:24 PDT 2007

Thanks!!! I bought them at GW, they appear to be pewter, but I could be
wrong... they are, in fact, solid round apron pins, I believe exactly like
your horse ones. I was hoping to wear them this weekend. I will call B,
though he probably won't have time to fix them before this weekend... but if
he could and bring them to me this weekend, that would be perfect!

Thank you all for your help! I knew you'd be able to help me out!!!

On 5/2/07, cardweaver at netzero.com <cardweaver at netzero.com> wrote:
> The scary part, Keigan, is that that's how he still spells it when he's in
> a hurry or tired.
> If this is a load-bearing brooch - a cloak pin, apron pin, etc - soldering
> might be more secure and maintain the integrity of the piece better.  E6000
> and JB Weld both work pretty well for a pin that's a pretty, but not so well
> if you are putting weight and/or torque on the pin (and it's not good to
> have your apron fall down in public, especially if a bunch of jewelry goes
> with it).
> If these are the brooches you just bought, you might consider contacting
> the folks you got them from and having them fix it (although I realize there
> are time & distance issues involved).  Also, do you know what metal(s) the
> brooch is made out of?  And is the brooch one piece (plus the pin)?  If the
> answer to both of those questions is yes, you might give B a call (if the
> answer to either is no, I'd go with the adhesives).
> Elisabetta
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> In a message dated 5/1/2007 10:34:12 P.M. Central Daylight Time,
> kalamitykayt at yahoo.com writes:
> A glue  called 6000 works really well on jewelry findings
> It is actually E 6000 and can be found at Wal-Mart in the
> craft  section.  It
> is much easier to work with than JB Weld and will hold most  anything you
> need held, at lest jewelry wise.  I don't know what brooches  you are
> talking
> about, but soldering might be called for if it is something  expensive or
> really
> good, it would be less likely to devalue the piece, I  believe.  You might
> check with Bjorlic  (ok I know I butchered  that but he has changed the
> spelling
> a bunch of times in the years I've know him  so he is just gonna have to
> deal!)  he will be able to tell you possibly if  it needs soldering
> instead of
> quick repair.
> Good luck
> Keigan
> hanging out on Kev's account again

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