[Northkeep] Pardon the mundanity

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Mon Nov 5 12:09:26 PST 2007

Is anyone in the Barony interested in doing a cookie exchange?  A non-sca friend of mine would like to do one but she has no friends who are interested, other than me (doesn't anyone bake anymore?????)
For those of you who are not sure what a cookie exchange is, basically, a number of people get together and bake a dozen cookies for each person coming to the exchange.  You go home with any number of different cookies than you came with.  For example, if there were 10 people coming, you would bring 10 dozen of the same cookies, and receive a dozen cookies from each of the other people attending (one dozen is for sampling at the exchange).  It's a fun way to try out new cookies and learn other people's specialties.  Generally it's requested that you provide enough copies of your recipe to go around.  
So anyone interested?  Sometime in mid December, probably the week after wInterkingdom, around the 12th-15th.  Let me know.  :)


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