[Northkeep] Pardon the mundanity

rachel szikszai hallarachel at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 12:26:23 PST 2007

I am sorry for this intruption of your quest.  I just joined your list and I am having trouble with emailing to ask questions.  

So please excuse my intrusion.   I will be moving to Owaso in the next 8-9 months and I am trying to get contact information for that area.  I was at the map site and I am a bit confused on where every thing is.  Could some one please send me this information or pass this email on to the person who can answer my questions.

Also,  does this area have archery? Are there public and private archery ranges available does any one know????  I currently belong to a conservation group and we have a private archery range is there anything like that in this area?

Thanks for you time and I am looking forward to meeting every one I can.

Lady Halla...

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