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Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sun Nov 11 11:15:35 PST 2007

(sorry for cross-post, am hoping to get as much feedback as possible....)

Some of ya'll may know that I dabble in chocolate.  :)

I was recently approached by the incomparable, wondrous servant of our realm, known and loved by the Northern Region as Contessa Vanessa, in reference to a fundraising event being held in February of next year.  She asked if I might be willing to host a 'sweets shop' at the Northern Region Tribute to Ansteorra. Of course, I accepted.

Holding the Contessa in the highest esteem, I want to do this right.  Which means... I need to sell chocolate.  A LOT of chocolate.

For reference:  At Beltane, earlier this year, we also did a fundraiser, in which a single brownie (approx 2x2) sold for $1.00, ditto for a piece of fudge (1 1/2 x 1 1/2).  

So... I am hoping to get some feedback / suggestions on the best ways to price and package said chocolate.

- Would people be most enticed into buying .... a) A single piece  or b) an entire pan?
- If for a single piece: Is $1.00 a fair price?
- If for an entire pan: Would people be willing to pay  a) $15?  b) $20?   c) $25?      (A pan of brownies = 16 servings or so...A pan of fudge = 24 servings)

- Should fudge (more labor intensive) be priced higher than brownies  (more pricey ingredients)?

- Should I do pre-orders? 

- Items to include:  Right now, the most popular items seem to be:
 * Triple Chocolate Kahlua Coffee Brownies  (with and without nuts)
 * Milk Chocolate Bailey's Irish Cream fudge
 * Milk Chocolate Kahlua Fudge
 * Dark Chocolate DiSarrono Fudge
 * Dark Chocolate Frangelico Fudge

Is it better to branch into more exotic offerings (mini and full sized cheesecakes, cookies, exotic fudges) and have a wide variety, or stick to the top 5 favorites?  Should I explore flavors WITHOUT alcohol? (Almond, Mint, Raspberry, etc)  Currently all the chocolate confections I make contain some form of liquour as a flavoring.) 

While I know this may sound a little goofy, I really am serious and would like to make this a successful fundraising 'booth' at the event.
I appreciate all and any feedback.

-Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah

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