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You could always start off selling by the pan, but as the day goes on break
it down into smaller pieces, not everyone is going to want to spend that
kind of money on a pan of chocolate and would probably be more apt to buy in
smaller quantities. I would take pre orders, anyone wanting anything
specific can already be done up and ready to go. hey a sales a sale right
just my 2 cents
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From: Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyya
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Subject: [Northkeep] looking for suggestions/feedback...
(sorry for cross-post, am hoping to get as much feedback as possible....)
Some of ya'll may know that I dabble in chocolate.  :)
I was recently approached by the incomparable, wondrous servant of our realm
 known and loved by the Northern Region as Contessa Vanessa, in reference to
a fundraising event being held in February of next year.  She asked if I
might be willing to host a 'sweets shop' at the Northern Region Tribute to
Ansteorra. Of course, I accepted.
Holding the Contessa in the highest esteem, I want to do this right.  Which
means... I need to sell chocolate.  A LOT of chocolate.
For reference:  At Beltane, earlier this year, we also did a fundraiser, in
which a single brownie (approx 2x2) sold for $1.00, ditto for a piece of
fudge (1 1/2 x 1 1/2).
So... I am hoping to get some feedback / suggestions on the best ways to
price and package said chocolate.
- Would people be most enticed into buying .... a) A single piece  or b) an
entire pan?
- If for a single piece: Is $1.00 a fair price?
- If for an entire pan: Would people be willing to pay  a) $15?  b) $20?  
c) $25?      (A pan of brownies = 16 servings or so...A pan of fudge = 24
- Should fudge (more labor intensive) be priced higher than brownies  (more
pricey ingredients)?
- Should I do pre-orders?
- Items to include:  Right now, the most popular items seem to be:
  * Triple Chocolate Kahlua Coffee Brownies  (with and without nuts)
  * Milk Chocolate Bailey's Irish Cream fudge
  * Milk Chocolate Kahlua Fudge
  * Dark Chocolate DiSarrono Fudge
  * Dark Chocolate Frangelico Fudge
Is it better to branch into more exotic offerings (mini and full sized
cheesecakes, cookies, exotic fudges) and have a wide variety, or stick to
the top 5 favorites?  Should I explore flavors WITHOUT alcohol? (Almond,
Mint, Raspberry, etc)  Currently all the chocolate confections I make
contain some form of liquour as a flavoring.)
While I know this may sound a little goofy, I really am serious and would
like to make this a successful fundraising 'booth' at the event.
I appreciate all and any feedback.
-Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah
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