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Welcome  to the rumor mill. Abe doesn't play. Why would someone  think he
would run?  Just a thought. Funny. I've heard rumors about  myself at events I
didn't  even go to. Love it.

We know  all about the rumor mill.


and to follow up my own post (bad manners and all that),
The point I was trying to make, and failed miserably to do,
is that *anyone* who feels they can do the job, whether it
is a couple or a single, should try.  That anyone should
want to try is not silly.  The rumor mill...now that's  silly.

I know that Abe doesn't play, but that in no way
means that Zubedeh is not qualified in her own right.
I do not know Ian and Kelandra's plans on stepping down,
but if Abe did decide to play, between now and then, perhaps
they would throw their names in the ring.

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