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Thank  you, Your Excellency.  Coming from you, that is high praise indeed, 
I'm deeply honored you think so. You and Thorgrim set a very high  benchmark. 
Having seen what you and others went through taking on  that responsibility, 
rather perform eye surgury on myself with a rusty  pitchfork then take that 
job!  :) 

Quoting Montega  <montega at gmail.com>:
> Welcome to the rumor mill. Abe doesn't  play. Why would someone think he
> would run? Just a thought. Funny.  I've heard rumors about myself at events 
> didn't even go to. Love  it.

I'm generally pretty disconnected from the rumor mill, so when I  heard this 
one, it really was quite mind boggling.  Nope, Abe doesn't  play. He doesn't 
have any interest in participation. He only shows up on  rare occaisions to 
around with me and keep me company because he  loves me bunches and I asked 
pretty please. :) 

I've always been  very direct and am never afraid to speak my mind, which is 
I posted  directly to the list after I got confirmation of the rumor.  So for 
anyone (who cared) who was concerned or confused on the issue, hopefully  
set it very clear. :)

-  Zubeydah

I said it because I believe it. 
Being a Baron/ess is a hard job, yes.  But it is also
a fun job.  Do not let the things you have seen deter you
from applying, if you want to do it.  Everyone is different,
and you may not have problems like that.  Of course there
will be some unpleasantness. There always is.  The key is
how you handle it.  I assure you it is *much* less painful
than sticking a rusty pitchfork in your eye.
As to the rumor mill, it will always be there.  That is just
a sad fact of life.  People are human and cannot help  themselves.
Some folks speak softly and carry a big spoon.  You cannot
stop them, but it is good to speak up and set the record straight.

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