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kevinkeary at aol.com wrote: Quoting zubeydah at northkeep.org:
>Nope, I have no idea who started the rumor...but wanted to set the 
record straight.

I for one will NEVER consider this kind of B******T "silly", as in 
"harmless". I remember from before. It nearly tore the then-shire 
apart, and nearly got us disbanded by the kingdom. By the time enough 
of us compared notes to realize the person doing most of the rumor 
spreading was also the originator (a relative newcomer with 'ambition' 
who apparently was a great believer in the adage 'divide and conquer') 
pre-existing rivalries and conflicts had been enflamed to the point 
that Northkeep's continuing as a group and a branch was in serious 
jeopardy. Some of us lost offices, some of us lost friendships, either 
forever or for years.

But we learned what was really going on, and the rumor-monger was cast 
out. In a way, I believe that Northkeep is what it is in large part 
because of him, every bit as much as because of Kendra Kenmare and 
William Blackfox. For a long time after that, Northkeep, which had been 
a set of three or four bickering households when Keigan and I started 
here, was a single cohesive unit that would stand, fight and work 
together shoulder-to-shoulder or back-to-back, against crown or 
would-be corrupter, and devil take the hindmost. That strength and 
unity was largely still in place in the days we worked together to earn 
our elevation to barony, and in my mind it is STILL a vital part of our 

The person who mentioned the rumor to Zubeydah is to be commended, as 
is the person who confirmed it. In this case it was a rumor that didn't 
reflect on honor in any way, but not all rumors are like that. But I 
will say this still. Northkeepers don't gossip about each other behind 
the others' backs, don't tell stories they haven't checked out. We GO 
we are, and we remember when the whole Knowne Worlde was against us, 
and we stood as one and survived.

May we never forget.

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