[Northkeep] Reminders

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 8 12:03:11 PST 2008

Greetings all of you crafty folk out there,
This is just a reminder to please bring items for the Tavern/Bake Sale/Crafts Sale...If you weave bring a section of trim to donate, if you work leather bring a pouch, if you sew bring a tunic or needle work, if you cook bring some of what ever that is..the funds from this sale go towards getting Northkeep better stuff for our feasts. It is a good cause.

Also we need regalia for our two Baronial Orders the Caistael Cridhe and the Kenmare...these can be in any medium but traditionally they have been medallions. The Caistael Cridhe is a black tower on a white field with a red heart where the door should be, the Kenmare is a black tower held by two yellow lions gambs (arms and paws with red nails) on a white field. We need at least two Kenmares and four Caistael Cridhes for Winterkingdom this weekend. They could be etched, they could be tooled on leather, they can be pewter cast, or they could be done in needle work...we are not picky so long as we have the correct regalia to hand out as medallions for those who deserve these honors.

Lastly the Baronial Trailer needs a new home in town where it can safely rest until it and the stuff inside is needed. If you have such a place please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you all Friday night for the hall setup at Winterkingdom.


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