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Thank you very much Lynn. In my cold/flu medicated fog I thought winterkingdom was yesterday all week. I was very surprised when I arrived and OMG, everyone was naked.  Not a soul was there that I recognized. Then an ONG man parked next to me and I asked if there was a gas leak. He looked at me quite be muzzled and said, "No, I'm here to watch my daughter play basketball".  That is when I called my busom-buddy Angelica and probably woke her up.  But in her kindness she didn't laugh at me but just informed me that the event is next weekend.   So back home and back to bed I went.  To make a even longer story short, anyone who has offered to donate trim, if you could contact me I will try to get by this week to pick it up and do a little organizing before winterkingdom.  Again thank you to all who have offered.
Truly,  Aurora

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I have a bunch of trims for you; just a few are inches, but many are a yard or
more. Also I have a very few scraps of fabric for you, but most are pretty
good-sized chunks, quarter of a yard or so-- but in different shapes. I've
also included some buttons. I'll bring them to WinterKingdom.

Lynn the Inquisitive

katrina hardesty wrote:
> Greetings, I have a request.  I will be doing a childrens token box class
at winterkingdom.  

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