[Northkeep] insignia pics ??

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Do you need the artist who made the insignia to give permission to put a picture of it up on the site?  Or can you just go around and take pictures of the insignia that people have and put it up?
(who has 1 thistle in weaving, but one that was given to me in court and another that was made for me to wear instead, but both are pretty cool and you can take pictures if you want)

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Can't tell you how happy I am to hear folks actually visit that page!

(Though, greedily, I'd love to get photos of more insigna on it - we haven't had anyone send in any photos of their insignia work in .. er.. about a year... Anyone making insignia that's willing to share images of their work?)

- Zubeydah
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Don't know if you've seen this site yet, but it has all kinds of cool pictures and info about the awards.



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