[Northkeep] Waldryk's Arms and Armoury under new Management and Name

Niewoehner, Hugh Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com
Thu Feb 7 05:27:55 PST 2008

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   Hello all, 

Waldryk here, 
Some of you may have heard about a change with Waldryk arms and armor.
For years, I have tried to maintain a balance between production armor,
ornamental armor, ornamental ironwork, custom work, and business
scheduling and paperwork. As many of you armorers know, it sucks. I
found I was unable to keep the business part of the business up to date
and organized, maintain the custom armor and keep a good stock of
production work. As a result, I fell behind with some custom orders. SO,
something had to go. 

I have merged into another company, Firedrake Steel. 

With Firedrake Steel, I am now just a hammer swinging, metal
manipulating monkey. I can now spend all my time in the shop doing what
I need to do. SWING HAMMERS!!  

Firedrake Steel will come with a staff of wonderful people that will
answer e-mails, ship orders, schedule custom pieces, and keep the
website updated DAILY with all of the instock changes. 

MY first order of business is to catch up on the last of the custom
backorders. YEAH!!!! 
Second is to stock the shelves, and keep Allen Joyner (Knowne World
Treasures, http://www.knownworldt.com, my addition for those who don't
know Allen Joyner) loaded with product for his shelves. 
  And third, to make cool new armor. 

I look forward to armoring up the masses, and I thank you all for your
e-mails of support.

  ........end orginal post
  If you have wanted to buy from Waldryk but had second thoughts,
Waldryk is now an employee for Firedrake Steel. So you can order from
Firedrake Steel, currently still using Waldryk's website until the move,
or from Knowne World Treasures, who will be at Gulf Wars.


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