[Northkeep] Waldryk's Arms and Armoury under new Management and Name

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 7 11:14:19 PST 2008

   I hope it works great for him. The problem he
outlined is apparenntly all to common among armourers,
who probably start as a hobby, then the business
becomes overwhelming.
   I've heard some complaint about the business end,
but never about the quality of his product. May this
change help him out.
   I love the (second-hand purchase) pair of full
gaunts I have of his. Of course, if you don't use them
the way I don't make events, any armor will last
almost forever :)

--- "Niewoehner, Hugh"
<Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com> wrote:

> **** Forwarded ****
> Sorry for the bandwith hijack. Reposted from the
> Armour Archive with
> permission. Please repost on other lists as you see
> fit.
>   snip.......
>    Hello all, 
> Waldryk here, 
> Some of you may have heard about a change with
> Waldryk arms and armor.
> For years, I have tried to maintain a balance
> between production armor,
> ornamental armor, ornamental ironwork, custom work,
> and business
> scheduling and paperwork. As many of you armorers
> know, it sucks. I
> found I was unable to keep the business part of the
> business up to date
> and organized, maintain the custom armor and keep a
> good stock of
> production work. As a result, I fell behind with
> some custom orders. SO,
> something had to go. 
> I have merged into another company, Firedrake Steel.
> With Firedrake Steel, I am now just a hammer
> swinging, metal
> manipulating monkey. I can now spend all my time in
> the shop doing what
> I need to do. SWING HAMMERS!!  
> Firedrake Steel will come with a staff of wonderful
> people that will
> answer e-mails, ship orders, schedule custom pieces,
> and keep the
> website updated DAILY with all of the instock
> changes. 
> MY first order of business is to catch up on the
> last of the custom
> backorders. YEAH!!!! 
> Second is to stock the shelves, and keep Allen
> Joyner (Knowne World
> Treasures, http://www.knownworldt.com, my addition
> for those who don't
> know Allen Joyner) loaded with product for his
> shelves. 
>   And third, to make cool new armor. 
> I look forward to armoring up the masses, and I
> thank you all for your
> e-mails of support.
> Waldryk
>   ........end orginal post
>   If you have wanted to buy from Waldryk but had
> second thoughts,
> Waldryk is now an employee for Firedrake Steel. So
> you can order from
> Firedrake Steel, currently still using Waldryk's
> website until the move,
> or from Knowne World Treasures, who will be at Gulf
> Wars.
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