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kevinkeary at aol.com kevinkeary at aol.com
Sat Feb 16 11:48:03 PST 2008

Keigan here on Kevin's account.? I thought at least some of you would want to know that Kevin is in the hospital.? Surprising since even getting him to the dr is nearly impossible most of the time, but he has been there since Wed. night and will be there for a few more days at least.? He apparently did not have flu or pnuemonia like we thought last week but was experiencing problems for an aortic arythmia.? While trying to find the cause of said arythmia and a way to fix it they also discovered there is a blood clot in the blood chamber if the atrium, caused by the arthmia.? They are treating that with massive blood thinners for the next 8 weeks and then will check again to see how it is coming along.? Once it is gone they will use elctro-shock to re-calibrate the upper and lower heart rythms back to normal (we hope).? They have no idea right now what caused the arythmia to start with but will be looking until they find it.? He is really doing ok but is bored out of his mind.? So if anyone wants to visit or call him, he is in Hillcrest on the 9th floor, south tower room 921.? Phone number is 579-6921.? It's gonna be at least Tuesday before they let him go.? 

Sorry if this is too much info for some but I'm hard to reach sometimes and thought this was the best way to get the pertinent info out to those who did need or want it.


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