[Northkeep] News from the Foreign War at Estrella

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Tell her to look for the company of Saint Marks and me within the company and I will do my best to make sure she feels welcome.
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Thank you very much, Your Excellency!

Her Royal Majesty, Slaine, is a dear friend and respected household member (Rhi 
Asfar) of my brother, and when it was realized that she would be queen, the 
whole "extended family" wanted to show her their support, myself included.

Slaine's Cypher is in the form of a Scottish Thistle, from her device, rather 
than her initials. (it looks a LOT like Ansteorra's Sable Thistle, but it has a 
fuzzy top, and ours doesn't.) I'm honored to have received a scroll made by 
Lady Aine inghean Chormaic, and an insignia made of brass and amethyst, crafted 
by Lord Omar of Rhi Asfar.

While I cannot attend Gulf Wars, HRM Slaine will be there - I *think* it may be 
her first Gulf War. I would appreciate it deeply if folks could help her feel 
welcome, if they should encounter her, in court or on the field (she's a heavy 

With thanks,

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah, BQC

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