[Northkeep] castellan thank you's

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sun Jun 1 23:51:10 PDT 2008


i was kind of brain fried in court saturday night , and im afraid i probably missed some of the people i wished to say thank you to.
so im gonna try again ; )

thomas quilliam , assisted marahshaling all day , assisted in helping me maintain some level of sanity even when i was brain fried ; )
robin of northkeep, assisted marshaling
lawrence of namron , assisted marshaling, ran fund raiser shoot, and brought wonderful foam target for same.
bianca sereni , assisted marshaling , made sure i had cold drink 
marie of northkeep , made sure i ate as well as had plenty of cold water to drink
liam delziel   , started training as thrown weapons marshal , assisted all day on range, supplied tw loaner gear.
grayden red wolf , assisted in range teardown , assisted in  teaching newby  tw .
cian rhys gravenor , cut short his fun to rescue some people , when i couldnt leave the range to do so myself .
daniel of northkeep , same as above , and used his own gas to do it.
the parents of all the children , taking the time to bring your children out so they could enjoy the shooting too , i know that it is sometimes dificult to find the time to participate in your own activities ,and still find time to let them do the things they enjoy as well .
annabelle fitz simmons , trying to teach me that there is always hope, and for making the really kool threads i was wearing in court ; )
sir owen for standing up to help raise money for the kingdom !!!
their magisties  , for not having me drawn and .....uuuhmmm . for adding my name to a short list of archers known throughout the kingdom as people having worked long and hard to promote archery , 
those that believed in me and my work enough to put me in for the arc d'or , i just hope thati can live up to the new responsibility .

THANK YOU !!!!!!

and yes , i'm probably still forgetting people , but i still havent gone to bed either ; )

be safe, be happy , have fun
ld.arthur blackmoon k.a.a. , s.t.a. , cao
baronial missile marshal , northkeep .

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