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Subject: Her Grace Willow
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What day is this when we have come to forget our past? 
  When did we chose to forget the things that made us who we are?
  I have heard many things said about Her Grace Willow in my ear. Most have ben less than kind, and some speak like she is some demon who has come to destroy this kingdom. I for one can not sit by without my peace being said any more. 
  many asked me why I choose Her Grace to teach me, to call me apprentice, and my answer has yet to change. She is a large part of our history, a history that I seek to remember and keep alive. I write this with sadness in my heart, because I feel like a link to our past is slipping away and there are those who are pushing it. I will not chide here, nor will I beg or throw some tantrum, but only try to appeal to some higher reason........
  If you agree with her politics, Ideas, methods or not has no bearing. I confess that I do not see eye to eye with her about a lot of issues, but I respect her. I am thankful for what she has given me and this kingdom. 
  Houkan no Yagyu Masamori Nobunaga Donno 


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