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Subject: Willows WAR Gauntlet
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  Good morning Ansteorra,
  Innes Wrote:
  "This is not hard to write as all.?? Willow is dredging up things that
happened 15 to 20 years ago, and is still whining about it.??? I say"
Willow, get over it.""?? In other words?? Put a bid D on your chest and
deal with it privately.??? If you and our family are actually considering
leaving the SCA, then Go, but don't be so dramatic about it.???You
might be surprised to see that the SCA will go on without?you.? No?one
person or family is indispensable.? So?I say? Hail and farewell.
Personally, I am tired of reading your posts and you trying to play the
  I think that what was being given were examples of how she feels unappreciated.  I mourn every time we lose anyone.  With the economic and social threats flying about, NO PERSON OR FAMILY IS DISPENSABLE.  Not you, not her, not me, or anyone else out there.  The fact is that she isn't making up the problems; she's only the tip of the iceberg here.  But in the days to come, her "martyrdom" is catching, my friend, and when it does it will move like wildfire.  I see and hear complaints like hers all the time.  I will not use examples here in public forum without the full permission of the ones slighted though.  As many of you say, "don't talk FOR them."  Ameline's document that she has shared has an almost malicious feeling attached to it that, when coupled with her post, my 'complaints' seem to have nothing on hers.  The information on the entry document sounds biased and VERY personal, mixed with some mostly incorrect information related to Lammas.  It probably isn't her
 fault though, I'm currently attempting to speak to her about it in an attempt to clear a few things up.
  I poke and goad but I didn't ask you to tear each other to shreds.  I only have one thing to say right now:  WTF?!?
  In Service to All Dreams,
  Yu Xue XianXian,
  Miscreant "Gypsy Queen", 
  Queen of Misrule of the Court of Miracles,
  Spoon, and
  Goliard at Large
  "Are you a coffee bean, a carrot, or an egg?"


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