[Northkeep] Willows WAR Gauntlet

an angel in black ink angelinblackink at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 10 01:26:17 PDT 2008

I want to say that I have had te WORST day today and have been very emotional so, while the spirit of my reply to Her Grace's post was correct, I urge you all to take it with a bit of something a bit fluffier than the nails and broken glass I spewed earlier.  I'm not embarrassed by what I said, only by the manner in which it was delivered.  
  (Also, if I'm being over sensitive and wasn't as 'negtive as I thought I seemed' I urge you to remember I'm emotional and grumpy tonight; even towards myself.  I guess a huge stack of stress will do that to you.  But don't worry about that.  Its al mundane random junk for the most part.)
  I do hope I didn't help to kindle the flame that lit Baroness Ameline's firy reply.  If you truely feel that way I can do very little to change your mind, I suppose but I can barely still contain myself when I do see people being mean-ish to her.  
  As I'm very tired and emotionally drained, I plan on probably reading this and wishing I'd better proof read it.  If I missed anything then I'm sure to recognise that with the help of my word program. ^_-  
  Good night Sable Star,
  Yu Xue XianXian
  Miscreant "Gypsy Queen"
  Queen of Misrule of the Court of Miracles
  Spoon and
  Goliard at Large


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