[Northkeep] Later the same day...

Niewoehner, Hugh Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com
Mon Jun 23 10:30:36 PDT 2008

Well, we've grazed about as much as we can from the winter pasture.
Right on schedule, here come the wolves and shepherds to take us to the
summer pastures.
We have to pass through several villages to get there.  Sometimes they
try to stop us.  Looks like this year will be one of those times.
But this time things are going to be different.  

        Sumus grex agni. - "We are a flock of sheep"
        Agni dentati. - "Sheep with teeth".
As we move forward we chew up ankles, knees, and arms.  If we wound them
they can't fall back and assist the other villages along the way.
Suddenly a guy wearing a yellow and black falcon yells my direction
saying "I know that sheep.  Stop him or he'll tear out all of our crops
and plant grapes."  At this point I remember I shouldn't be calling
"Baa, baa" but "Beeeer, Beeeer".   His companion starts laughing so I
bite him.
Finally struck down, I lay, a corpse in the field.  Then my guard dog
touches me and I arise once more to continue the migration.  Stuck again
I fall to the ground on my knees.  A dog touches me "Up sheep", a
villager stabs me before I can move "Down sheep", dog, villager, dog,
villager, sigh... they finally move off leaving me rotting.
Hmm, a villager approaches along with the sound of battle.   Seeing my
dead body, he ignores me and steps close to try and cull another from
our flock.  I feel a touch, "sheep up", I bite the face of the careless
villager in the few seconds granted me before I am once again struck by
another. This cycle repeats a few times before a powerful sheepdog
revives me and leads me to the upper meadows along with enough of my
companions to deem the migration complete.
Ah, the sweet bliss of a fresh meadow.

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