[Northkeep] June Saga

Emily Minier Emily.Minier at DTAG.Com
Mon Jun 23 12:29:26 PDT 2008

Unto the populate of Northkeep to I send greetings!
This is the week that I spend building the Saga.  If you have
submissions for this month's saga, please get them to me no later than
Noon on Friday.  We still have a few month's left of the submission
competition.  Let me know if you have any questions about the types of
items that can be submitted...Stories, research, artwork, songs, etc....
Almost anything can and will be accepted.  Please remember that I need a
"Permission to Publish" form with each submission (I have them in soft
copy - I can get it to you).  
Officers: Tonight is Officers' Meeting at the Library.  I will need
reports from all offices following that meeting.
Thank you, Angus for submitting your report early.  
In Service to Dream and King,
HL Adalia VonderBerg
Titled Bard of Eldern Hills
Apprentice to Sir Finn Kelley O'Donnell

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