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Ok I wanted to take a minute and come up with some thank yous..if I miss anyone I apologize
Tega..you rock..this was fun I am glad we did this!!!
Renault and Randell were there early and anything that needed to be carried, unloaded, moved etc..they did
Miles--Man this man was ALWAYS working..everytime I saw him he was working..then Sunday in the rain he was out loading the trailor getting soaked to the bone!!!
Elizabeth and nickol-thank you so much feast was great
Revka-you did a great job with the kids
Blackmoon and Robin--Thank you for handling the archery, thrown weapons and the childrens thrown weapons..I know you guys had a busy schedule 
Lynn and Marcus for stepping up and being chiregions in charge
Ian and Kalandra for letting me and tega do this
Tamberline for stepping in almost the last minute to do the super awesome scrolls
Adalia for help with set up and the trailor
Angus, Hammish and Nickol for help with set up
The Merry Musicians
ALL the servers
All the waterbearers and Abby
Kale and Meryn for listing heavey..I do not know who did light but thank you too
Aline for checking on the bathrooms earlier in the day
The centurians for the Saturday night party ;)
Beorlic and Elizabeta, Don timothy and Theresa, Keigan and Kevin, Hammish and Autumn, Cianha, Ian and Kalandra, Facon, Tabolt, Peren (who left Saturday night and came back Sunday) Fezzek (who also heard me many miles a way think dang I wish I had breakfast..then showed up with breakfast sandwiches :D) Morgan, Olivia,..
oh lord I know I am forgetting someone for helping with clean up Sunday 
All of Northkeep for showing up and Making this a GREAT time
I am sure there is more..and I had a notebook to write down who all I could think of as I was going on with my day and I am sure I am missing someone..so please forgive me!!
I hd so much fun doing this!!

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I would like to extend a very deserved thank you to Northkeep. Castellan was
a sucess! I want to tell you how much I appreciate those who stepped up to
help out with set up, kids, tear down, feast, kitchen... etc.We have such
amazing people in our Barony. It is no wonder we are growing. Another thing
I wanted to mention is how we all came together during the storm this
morning. People helped each other out and we all got through it. I had
several people coming up and telling me it was a great event and that they
want to come back next year. So, again... thank you everyone. I love this

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