[Northkeep] War & Goliards

an angel in black ink angelinblackink at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 13:26:52 PDT 2008

To my kingdom,
  I do not know if all of you know who I am, or what I have been involving myself in over 
  the past few years in this kingdom.  My name is Xue XianXian and, I assure you, I am 
  not dissatisfied with the SCA.  In fact, I love it and you so very much that I have been 
  doing anything I can to try and make things easier and more fun at every event I’ve gone 
  to for quite a while.  
  I would first like to state that the Goliards were European performers and writers who, 
  were dissatisfied with the Church.  They performed and wrote Latin satire to goad the 
  individuals they targeted into rethinking their motives and actions and scorned the 
  incorrect actions that the target had committed.  This is a documented movement.  This is 
  IN PERSONA. This is not a threat to anyone who hasn’t been acting a fool at the 
  expense of their own people.  
  Many people have problems with the SCA, the kingdom, or their individual groups.  
  They always have and always will.  This is simply the way of things.  Throughout history 
  scholars, warriors, artisans, and layman have come together to discuss and deal with 
  their problems in many ways.  We are all aware of the fact that none of us are perfect 
  and it wouldn’t be fair to ask anyone to become so.  However, it is fair to ask people to 
  consider themselves, if for no other reason than for the good of their community.  This 
  group is a community.  Why is it so wrong to see someone doing something awful and 
  say something about it?  It simply CAN’T be.
  I do not ask you all to agree with me or to join me, as it seems that some of you are 
  greatly bothered by the actions that my comrades and I have been recently involved in.  
  For that, I am terribly sorry.  I have never sought to breed this creature known as dissent 
  among the people of Ansteorra.  In fact, I wish for us to all be happy and fairly treated.  
  I want us to all feel like a family once more.  That would be the greatest thing I could 
  ever live to see.  You see, we should all be trying to have fun with each other, not be 
  blinded and splintered by ‘stubborn assumptions’.  By stubborn assumptions, I mean the 
  fact that we are a community but we do not fully perceive ourselves as one.  We see 
  threats and treacherous thinking in every shadow and it, in turn, separates us from people 
  who we should not in fact be separating ourselves from.  I have said many times I seek 
  not to use my words to topple an empire; I seek an empire to topple my words.  
  As for the word we have used many times: War.  We are not declaring war upon 
  anyone.  We are declaring war on the things that keep attempting to destroy us all as a 
  whole; the IDEA of dissent and unhappiness that seems to be seeping in through the 
  cracks.  If this is not enough to convince you then I suggest you watch us closely.  Only 
  by our actions can we truly be seen for what we are, and what we are is far from destructive.
  (Now, on a more personal note:
  I choose to associate with Her Grace Willow de Wisp because I respect her and her 
  part in creating/molding this kingdom and Dream.  I for one do not care if anyone 
  questions my motives due to my associations.  I mean no disrespect; I simply seek to 
  In service to everyone’s Dream,
  Yu Xue XianXian
  Gypsy Queen of the Miscreants,
  Queen of Misrule of the Court of Miracles,
  and SPOON
at Large
  “Never judge a man by the gifts he bears.”
   -Chinese Proverb


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