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This was forwarded at the request of Lord Nobunaga via Lady Xue:

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    Greetings noble friends, 
  I would wish to wash off some mud here about the Goliards. Some words have been exchanged that have been harsh at best. First I would like to say that this group is NOT about breeding dissent. I understand that the group sight used that word, but it was a quick statement that had not been approved. As soon as it was brought to our attention it was quickly changed, because it did not represent our mission. For those who would claim that we have tried to hide the truth in hopes that no one will notice, I say this, you are more wrong than you could ever be. 
      If you spoke to anyone who was chosen to bare this mantle than you would find a blunt and honest answer. We hope to change by example. To be the example and to make an example of if need be. It is devotion and love for this kingdom that drives us and pushes us to stand up when others will not. 
  Secondly, the wording of SCA in that statement. It was used because my lady was not sure how to word it. The wording used in that statement was a mistake, and one that we moved to correct quickly. But, oh my, how the wolves jumped on that one. To tell the truth it made me laugh.....a lot. 
  Now a bit on treason. 
  Strong words are often those spoken in haste and anger. I challenge anyone who would think us capable of such a thing to sit and talk with us for a while. Exchange ideas without flinging accusations and truly listen to one another. I will say that I value the opinions of those who are willing to share them in a civilized manner. I would like to think myself far from one sided, and believe that I can not form my own opinions, fairly, without knowing what the other side is.
      It is my duty to praise when praise is due, satire when it is needed, but all should be tempered with restraint. As such I would also like to state that this is NOT an attack, though some will probably think it so. I will attack no one for voicing their opinion, though I may disagree with that opinion. I aim none of my satire at people, but rather at deeds, and never will I point my finger. Treason.......  those who know us can tell you different. 
  Houkan no Yagyu Masamori Nobunaga Donno  


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