[Northkeep] Gulf Wars Question

Kenneth Smith ulfarnfinnson at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 3 07:41:28 PST 2008

Did you get anyone to carry the stuff you need?  I will have a little room if needed and I am going to be on site on Sunday.  
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It looks like I will be going to war this year in the Miata... so this
creates a few space issues as you can imagine.  I plan on getting to site on
Wednesday early evening.

Would anyone, headed that way prior to Wednesday, have space to haul my
modern tent and a smaller cooler and two sleeping bags for me?

The tent is 28in x 10in x 9.5in  the cooler is 25in x 18in x 14in.

Also if anyone has a dagger or dagger hilt they would like to part with for
a reasonable fee prior to Gulf please let me know.


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