[Northkeep] OT: Painting Party

Susan catmafia at hughes.net
Sat Mar 1 14:12:54 PST 2008

We won't be able to join you, but will mourn the passing of the cave, I 
hope you have a great paining party and good times in your new home.
Susan the Curious

Sarah Goss wrote:
> Lord Lucan and I have been very busy buying a new house and selling our
> current home.  However, our realtor wants us to paint the living room and
> dining room.
> We are having a "painting party" tomorrow, Sunday March 2nd, to mourn the
> loss of "the Cave" in our living room. (The room is textured and painted
> grey with white and black splatter paint, hence it is called "the Cave.")
> If any of you have some free time and are willing to help paint, please give
> us a call.  We will probably have a small BBQ in the afternoon to thank
> those that come to help.
> Ellette
> 760-0687

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