[Northkeep] delivery to Gulf War...

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 7 11:01:42 PST 2008

We will not be leaving for War until Tuesday evening. If you want perhaps we 
can arrange something where you bring the items to Kelandra at the sewing 
thing at Adalia's on this Saturday afternoon?


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Quoting Kenneth Smith <ulfarnfinnson at yahoo.com>:
> I can take it to them but will not be there until Sunday.  I will be 
> leaving
> this evening if not early Saturday morning.  If you want me to take it let 
> me
> know.  I will be coming into Tulsa at around 3:00 this afternoon to get a 
> few
> last minute items.
> Ulf Arnfinnson CSS LXXIX
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I appreciate the offer, Ulf... Unfortunately, the items aren't quite ready 

That's why I was hoping to drop them off with someone who is leaving late on
Saturday or Sunday, or later in the week -- when the package get to site 
hugely important at all; just in time for the event, really. ( Thursday or
Friday of next week is fine - it doesn't have to be early in the week. )

- Zubeydah

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