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giladriel giladriel at cox.net
Wed Mar 26 05:43:43 PDT 2008

I have two epee's I can bring to fighter practice tonight, if anyone would
like to try them out?
they are flat tipped, but you may want to bandage em up?
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Subject: [Northkeep] Fw: [Ansteorra-announce] New blades for Rapier
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From: Ansteorra Kingdom Rapier Marshal
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Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] New blades for Rapier
Our new DSMR (Deputy Society Marshal for Rapier) has approved a variety of
new blades for experimentation in Rapier and Cut & Thrust. This is exciting
news for us since we have been on hold for years now concerning the many new
blades manufacturers are now making for us and the rest of the WMA community
 He has asked that we experiment with these blades and give him feedback
before Pensic.
So, I hereby approve following blades for experimental use in Ansteorra:
Epee & Foil
  a.. Hanwei main gauche dagger blade
  a.. Windlass Flamberge
  b.. Darkwood Sapda
  c.. Darkwood curved blades from the #5 blank (7/8" wide) e.g. late saber
  d.. Hanwei hollow ground practical rapier
  e.. Hanwei main gauche dagger blade
  a.. MKA30 Wide
  b.. Darkwood Spada
  c.. Darkwood curved blades from the #5 blank (7/8" wide) e.g. late saber
  d.. Darkwood curved blades from the #6 blank (1" wide) e.g. katana, hussar
saber, swiss saber, hanger
  e.. Darkwood curved blades from the #7 blank (1 1/4" wide) e.g. cutlass,
dussage, grosse messer
  f.. Hanwei main gauche dagger blade
  g.. Hanwei three fullered practical longsword -- Note: This is a fine
blade but it requires more skill to control than does the typical C&T blade.
It is best used by those with training in longsword technique since it does
not move like a rapier, sidesword or backsword.
What does experimental mean?
Experimental means that we can use the blades but they don't yet have final
approval from SCA inc. Based on the results of our experimentation  the DSMR
will make a final determination whether to approve these blades for everyone
to use.
The odds are these blades will be approved but you are taking a risk in
buying and using them as the DSMR could decide to ban the blade based on our
results. Based on everything we know we think they are safe and reasonable
for use but it is these experiments we use to make sure.
How do we experiment?
This is simple. Just contact me before using the blade and tell me what
blade you wish to use. If I approve you then you may use that blade in
Ansteorran rapier or C&T as appropriate. I will add you to a list and
contact you for an update. Here are the conditions:
  a.. The tip of the blade must be marked with red and green. For example,
you can use a red tip with green tape, a green tip with red tape, or any
other color tip with red and green tape. This same color combination is used
to mark experimental weapons for Ansteorran armored combat.
  b.. Only authorized fighters may use these blades, even for practice.
  c.. You can use the blade, you can allow your opponent to use the blade
(if he is an authorized fighter), or you can marshal others(authorized
fighters only) as they use the blade (assuming you are a marshal). The blade
cannot be used when you are not there. If the blade is used in a way that
presents a hazard, you are expected to put the blade away and stop it's use.
  d.. The person using the blade must inform his opponent of the
experimental blade and that opponent must agree to face the blade, even for
practice.  In melee each person must agree to face that weapon, which will
make it impractical for large melees.
  e.. You must, must, must report within 48 hours any incidents directly to
me of excessive hits, injuries, blade failures or other issues that result
from or during the use of this blade.
  f.. Following the conditions above, these blades can be used in tournament

So, mark the blade so we can tell it is experimental, be an authorized
fighter, tell your opponent(s) you are using an experimental blade, and call
or email me if something goes wrong.
Failure to follow these guidelines -- including reporting if necessary --
will result in you being removed from the experiment at a minimum.
As for me, I will be putting in my order for a spada right away.
Christian Doré, Kingdom Rapier Marshal, Ansteorra
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