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OH YEAH! due to mundane constraints it really isn't possible for me to make it to wednesday night practice, so I would really like to see some saturday practices. just let me know.

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I know there has been some thought about starting a fighter practice 
on Saturday. Thorgrim would like to do a melee practice and I was 
approched by Balvin last night about getting something together as 
well on Satuday. I am all for it but first thing is it will be 
unofficial at this time. With the tourney schedule going on I will be 
traveling some on the weekend pending funds of cource, by the way 
anyone looking to sponser a okay fighter to offset travel expences 
please contact me lol. I am in when I am in town. So please sound off 
if you are interested in a Saturday practice and let each other know 
when and where you guys want to get together. Some expressed 
Wednesday that they would like to have one this Saturday but you guys 
need to take the ball on this and run some. Sound off if you are in 
so we know who, what, when and where. Also if it is going to happen 
please contact those who do not have internet access as well so they 
might join in on the fun.

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