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Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Wed May 7 11:53:01 PDT 2008

But it takes at least a year to make Parmesan cheese!  It takes at least
several months to make a mild cheddar (longer for medium, longer still for
sharp).  I guess it's a little too late for *that*!  :-)

So what goes on at a Grub and Garb?  How does the food competition work? 
Would one cut the cheese on site or at home ahead of time in order to
prepare, say, a carved-cheese subtlety?  (That's entirely beyond my
abilities - I just wanted to say "cut the cheese.")  Does the "Garb" part
of the name imply we wear garb or that we work on garb while there?  Does
the Grub part mean food for all?  If so, what monetary or culinary
contributions should I make?  Should I bring feast gear?  Is it an
appropriate site/setting/occasion to bring along a little of the
experiments with cider I've been trying to see if anyone would be willing
to sample them and offer an opinion?

Isn't it fun to have someone new to the group who isn't afraid to ask
irritatingly detailed questions?

  In Service,
    Miles Grey

Baron Ian wrote:
> What is really interesting is that this months Grub and Garb food
> competition is themed around Cheese.
> Mercedes wrote:
>> There is a dairy farm in Talala (where the heck is Talala?) that offers
>> a hands on milking and cheese making workshop.  Here is a link to their
>> webpage, in case anyone is interested.  It's $50 per person, so not
>> insubstantial, but I'm guessing that if that's something that interests
>> you it would probably be well worth it.
>> http://oklahomarawmilk.com/WorkshopRegistration.html

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