[Northkeep] Interesting

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 7 12:49:45 PDT 2008

 For Miles and all the others who are new...
Every Wednesday night in Northkeep is the weekly meeting centered around 
Fighter Practice, but it is more than just a practice for the warriors among 
us. There is usually some weaving or knitting going on, some sewing, 
scribal, and possibly heraldry. It is really a one stop shop for your SCA 
convienence. Grub and Garb is special as the fighter practice of each month, 
held on a Wednesday. We usually get dressed up in our SCA finery to attend 
and bring a food dish to share with other attendees. Often there is a 
cooking food compition of some kind. The food should be prepared ahead of 
time and brought to the meeting ready to eat. Documentation is not required 
but it is nice and if done well can score you extra points.

People are always welcomed to invite friends interested in the SCA to the 
meetings but especially so for Grub and Garb as it is a good first time 
introduction to the SCA and Northkeep.


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