[Northkeep] Any one have $600k?

Cody Chezem bolverk187 at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 08:49:28 PDT 2008

I have studied the construction of "Viking" vessels and actually have several books on wooden ships and boats in general. It would be fun and interesting just to build even a small boat. Alas just have not had the money or space for such a thing.

Miles Grey <Kahn at West-Point.org> wrote:
  I'm sure you mean the engines and electronic gear. But that's what comes
of building a reproduction in the modern age. I'm a huge fan of wooden
boats and ships, and read about them all the time. In order to get a
Coast Guard certification, the vessel must have engines and basic
communications gear. Sorry, but there's just no getting around that. 
I've been aboard several reproduction wooden sailing vessels with the most
"modern" design being a reproduction of an early 19th century sailing brig
(the brig "Pilgrim," intended to be as best a copy of Richard Henry Dana's
vessel as could be managed), an almost-exact copy of the HMS Endeavor, and
a copy of a Revolutionary War privateer schooner. Every one of them had a
diesel engine and communications gear.

There is one wooden schooner I've read about that doesn't have an engine,
but it has a yawl boat with an engine and the stern configuration is
perfect for pushing. The "Islendingur" doesn't have any place to stow a
yawl boat, let alone to sling it in the customary davits. Even if it did,
trying to push that pointy stern with a yawl boat would be an exercise in

As much as we'd like to be able to pretend otherwise at times, we live in
the 21st century and must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and
regulations of the 21st century. Considering that the Islendingur's
rigging is hemp, her sails canvas, her spars are spruce, and she's
clinker-built and clinch-fastened . . . well, for *any* of us in the SCA
to be even slightly critical of her after wandering around event sites
full of nylon tents, Coleman stoves, plastic coolers, people wearing
modern glasses, beer in bottles and stainless kegs, bottles of styles
that's post-Renaissance and sealed using *cork*, people wearing fabric
blends with artificial fibers, and all the myriad other non-period things
we do and use at events would be hypocritical in the extreme.

If I had $600K I didn't need, I'd buy that gorgeous, extremely-authentic
vessel in a heartbeat! Note that he's even equipped her with folding
props, and that she can sail faster than the engines can drive her
(depending on the wind, of course). I'm drooling.

Miles Grey

Niewoehner, Hugh wrote:
> There's something just wrong about this... anyone else catch it?
> The "Islandingr" is for sale.
> http://www.hugohein.com/other/islandinger/specs.isl.htm

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The problem with today is; They just will not let you load the boys (and girls) up in the boat and sail down the coast to burn someone's dam village down.

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