[Northkeep] Any one have $600k?

Miles Grey Kahn at West-Point.org
Mon May 19 09:03:49 PDT 2008

The Viking Longship Company is raising funds to build a new longship.  The
small version they built in the past has been cited as being an
outstanding reproduction.  Perhaps you can get in touch with them and
arrange to visit and help out during some stage of the construction
process.  I believe they might be selling omelet breakfasts at Steppes

  Miles Grey

Cody Chezem wrote:
> I have studied the construction of "Viking" vessels and actually have
> several books on wooden ships and boats in general. It would be fun and
> interesting just to build even a small boat. Alas just have not had the
> money or space for such a thing.
>   Thorvald

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