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Rick Cook is alive and well and still is Count Richard Ironsteed...lol
momma B from satenveldt...lol
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Jerome Robert McKenna was Jerry Pournelle's SCA name.

Heinlein knew about and was on the West Kingdom mailing list for years, but
allegedly never came to an SCA event.

Robert Asprin used to be Yang the Nauseating, but left the SCA many years
ago in high dugeon, and has not returned.

Karen Anderson was Karina of the Far West, a long time Laurel Queen of Arms.
She moved to Caid a couple of years ago from the West.

Adrienne Martine Barnes was the first Queen of the East, as Adrienne of

Randall Garrett was Randall of Hightower.

Diana Listmaker was Diana Paxson, sometimes known as Diana Paxson
Studebaker, at whose home the first event took place.

MZB was Elfrida of Greenwalls.

Poul Anderson was Sir Bela of Eastmarch, one of the few but notable Knights
of the Silver Molet in the West.

Esther Freisner was Ursula de Santiago y Galiciano.

Patricia Kenneally (Morrison) was Lasarina Douglas of Strathearn.

Rick Cook was Count Richard Ironsteed, from Atenveldt.

Paul Edwin Zimmer (MZB's brother) was Edwin Bersark.

Dorothy J. Heydt was Dorothea of Caer Paravel, later Dorothea of Caer

Mary Monica Pulver was an active participant, but I can't remember her SCA
name. It is my understanding that she lived in the Midrealm. *Mistress
Margaret of Shaftesbury. Update courtesy of Prenty #1.*

DC Fontana, ditto. I met her in my earliest days in the SCA, in the Single
Digit Years. *Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion. Update courtesy of Prenty #1.

Bjo Trimble is Mistress Flavia Beatricia Carmignano, formerly Bjo of
Griffin. She is still quite active in Caid.

Gordon R. Dickson was Kenneth of Otterbourn--he used to get blisteringly
drunk with my first husband and a number of the individuals listed above.

Leslie Fish went by the name Leslie the Bard.

Master Lester of Rive Rouge was Lester del Rey's SCA name.

Katherine Kurtz was Countess Bevin Fraser of Sterling.


OK So I cheated. ;)

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> Good job, guys! We've got a talented bunch here...but...
> have you all forgotten your SCA founders?  C'mon guys...
> Aoife
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