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Partial list, with names removed I haven't been able to show were 
around long enough to have a persona name.
Adrienne Martine Barnes -- Adrienne of Toledo
Bjo Trimble -- Flavia Beatricia Carmignano/Bjo of Griffin
DC Fontana -- Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion
Diana Paxson -- Diana Listmaker
Dorothy J. Heydt -- Dorothea of Caer Paravel/Dorothea of Caer Myrddin
Esther Freisner -- Ursula de Santiago y Galiciano
Gordon R Dickson -- Kenneth of Otterbourn
Jerry Pournelle -- Jerome Robert McKenna
Karen Anderson -- Karina of the Far West
Katherine Kurtz -- Bevan Frazier of Sterling
Leslie Fish -- Leslie the Bard
Lester del Rey -- Lester of Rive Rouge
Marion Zimmer Bradley -- Elfrida of Greenwalls
Mercedes Lackey -- Patricia Fiona MacFarland
Mary Monica Pulver -- Margaret of Shaftesbury
Patricia Kennealy -- Lasarina Douglas of Strathearn
Paul Edwin Zimmer -- Edwin Bearsark
Poul Anderson -- Bela of Eastmarch
Randall Garrett -- Randall of Hightower
Rick Cook -- Richard Ironsteed
Robert Asprin -- Yang the Nauseating

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Good job, guys! We've got a talented bunch here...but...
have you all forgotten your SCA founders?  C'mon guys...

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