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Tue Nov 18 16:14:48 PST 2008

thank you for the wood and info 

sorry to here about your van (speedy recovery )

Senachall of Chemin Noir 

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Hello I had hoped to make it to your canton's event this weekend but our Van 
ied on the way home from the event sunday. Alas, I wanted to let you know Lord 
atur left your canton a LARGE bundle of wood to use in the fire places or as 
ou see fit. It is plank looking and on the edge of the woods toward the end of 
he feast hall on the way to the cement pads. 
Also, there were some issue with the ladies room near the admin building so we 
ust had the ranger lock it up and we did not use it. 
I hope your canton has a wonderful event!
Lady Siobhan ingenTigernaich
ouse of Cynrede Spîritus
eneschal, Canton of Skorragardr
ordsteorra, Kingdom of Ansteorra
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