[Northkeep] Wine making end-to-end

Niewoehner, Hugh Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com
Wed Sep 10 07:23:40 PDT 2008

Guten tag.

On the afternoon of Sunday Sept 14th  I'm going hold a winemaking class
at my residence in Tulsa.  I've got room for 4-5 folks.  

The objective of the class is to give the interested beginner a look at
the entire process from start to bottle in one afternoon.  

We'll be starting several five or six gallon batches of fruit wines.

You'll assist with racking 10 gal blueberry, 15-18 gal of boysenberry, 5
gal of strawberry, 13 gal of wine from purchased grapes, and 10 gal of
my house wine.  (Sorry the pressing was a few weeks back.)  

And we'll bottle one or two of the 5 ready batches. 

Not necessarily in that order.

I'll aim to get started about 1 p.m.  In the past the class has taken 4
hours.  With this much racking to do it may go longer.

Please write me directly if you are interested so I can give you
directions and make plans.  This has got to happen whether anyone shows
up or not.



hugh.niewoehner at flightsafety dot com
burgborrendohl at valornet dot com

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