[Northkeep] attack of the mystery beavers !!!

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 Such praise! I must tell the whole story. 
  The mystery beavers are a small group of Northkeep archers. There was Bulls Eye Sam, Dead Eye Cian, Kindly Jason, Strong Armed Adilade, and Hang In There Robin. It was the biggest tree on the missile range that died and blew over against two other trees. Five archers turned lumberjacks, three chain saws, and an ax looked liked six shadows and a cloud of dust. From the deafening roar of the saws a mighty cracking noise bellowed out, the whole tree shifted, Robin flew out of the whirlwind running, stumbling, tumbling in a panic like he had been whacked by a heavy weapons fighter. He jumped up realizing he wasn't dead and Hang In There Robin ran back into the whirlwind with his brave fellow archers. In the end we all felt beaten, but the truth was the mighty tree lay in pieces neatly stacked out of the way. Some pieces were cut for new thrown weapons targets, some were cut to sit on. Then the archers dug deep down inside and found the strength to shoot until dark. the end!     
  Hang In There Robin

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>a very big thank you to the mystery beavers !!!!!!!
>i left for work this morning and returned after dark , a large tree that was threatening to be a safety hazard on the archery range , in that time , a number unknown of mystery beaver came and devoured the problem . stacked the remains out of the way , and left ...... no note, no call , even my neighbor , didnt know anything of the sort was going on !!
>do i know some really kool people or what !!!
>so whomever you are my mystery beavers , again ,thank you !!!
>northkeep missile people rock !!!
>( as soon as i get some propane, the venison is on me = ) 
>( well , not really, it will be on a platter , so you can eat it  , after i finish grilling it ; )
>Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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