[Northkeep] Sad Tidings-Thank You Baron Ian

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If you don't mind me asking, what happened?? I had just found out at 
OUR officer's meeting that she was no longer your chronicler, and I 
know she never did get the paperwork through to become your OFFICIAL 
herald, but she knew her stuff, especially on name documentation. I 
never once had to question anything she did in that area. I will miss 
her and fully trusted her to handle heraldic services for the canton. I 
didn't know she had health issues -- if that's what it was.

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I would like to thank Baron Ian for his kind words regarding Lady Kate.
Yes, indeed, she was a bit...odd.  But she lived and breathed the SCA.
She was always "there" for us for things mundane, as well.  We always
said: "Kate was Kate" and appreciated her for who she was in her heart.

Farewell, dear Kate...

Lady Aoife
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