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willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Tue Aug 11 21:29:43 PDT 2009

That sounds like fun. We hopefully will be closing on the house on Fir. 
I don't know if you folk knew this but I have been very sick for a while. I mentioned it to my doctor and he was convince it was my cat. He suggested that the animal people come and look at my house and they said it was OK except I had too many cats. 
They suggested the housing people. They came in and said my house had mold and that was making me sick. Getting them involved might have seemed to be a good idea but they decided to "protect"me and called the aging protective services and together they decided to condemn my house and throw the women who can breath or walk too well out on the street. 
This little drama would have been fine but the closing of the house take place on Friday and we can not start working on it until it is closed and the hearing and the action on my house is on Thursday.
In the meantime you have a 30 year Duke with a slam man and armor and swords and chain mail, two pelicans with the paperwork recording a lot of the history of the kingdom. A Duchess with a minimum wardrobe and 13 coronets collection, A Laurel with books fabric and stuff. and two fighters with what that mean ands  all the stuff a long term SCA er out on the street with more cats that I would like to talk about with nowhere to go for at least 2 weeks. 
The Aging Protective Service Lady told me I would just have to part with it. I tried to explained I was not some 90 year old with newspaper collection. I am an active SCAer that plans to playing for another 30 years and I need these things.  Just because my garage is filled with 3 period tents and a fake stain glass windows and 20 years of wall hangings and they can't see what use it is does not mean it is trash. 
If any of you would be coming to Steppes and would like to stop by my house and take some of my priceless junk up to Tulsa  and give it a home for about 3 weeks I would be grateful. I am really worried about the wallhangings. 
Please contact me if you can help.
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