[Northkeep] Question for the mechanically inclined.

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Thanks, Arthur, but I've just crawled under my truck and found nothing I  
can see wrong with either U-joint on the rear driveshaft. There is no  
discernible play in the rear u-joint, rotationally or transverse in any  
direction. There is little if any in the front one. There is a bit of play in  the 
rear end itself.
Any other thoughts on what might be causing this? It IS worrisome to say  
the least.
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kevin just from the description , it sounds like a  rear u joint going out 
do you know how to check it ??

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>I (and the finance company) own a late-model Chevy  Trailblazer, which
> is sort of like a preppy Jeep. It has settings for  two wheel drive and
> others I've maybe used once for automatic  four-wheel, four-wheel, and
> low-range four-wheel drive. This morning  it developed a vibrating
> noise, with symptoms I've never encountered  before.
> The noise comes up through the floor in the back,  where the tank (and
> presumably the fuel pump) and the exhaust system  (the muffler but the
> catalytic converter should be farther forward,  unless acoustics are
> doing something funny) and the rear differential  are. But it only
> happens at fairly high speeds, over twenty miles per  hour maybe, and
> only when there is no pressure on the  accellerator.
> It doesn't happen when the cruise control is on,  presumably because it
> always keeps some positive pressure on the drive  system. It doesn't
> shake the car or affect its handling or power. The  lightest feather
> touch on the accelerator stops it, but it starts  again 1 to three
> seconds after I let off the gas  completely.
> I would think if it were a blocked catalytic  converter, it would be
> worse when accelerating, and the same if it  were the fuel pump. It
> doesn't seem to fit a wheel bearing or a brake  problem either. I
> worried about a U-joint on the driveshaft, but I  found very little play
> in the system when I shifted from reverse to  drive and back (while
> holding the brake with the truck motionless),  and no noticeable 'clunk'
> sound.
> Any ideas? Keigan is  driving the vehicle, so if it IS a U-joint going
> out, I want to know  that and get it fixed.
> Kevin
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