[Northkeep] Yule MoC Schedule of Events

Ithilin Palandiriel ithilinpalandriel at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 4 06:33:09 PST 2009

10:00 am  Dancing class  - Her Excellency Adena Terricsdotter, Master Lucais du Belier, and Lady Kiana Terricsdotter
11:00 am  Courtly Graces: Her Majesty Genevria
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00pm Youth Boffer
            Ornament Making - Anghared of Patrin-Or
2:00pm Candle making - Annais 
2:30pm Children's Bardic Competition- Master Lucais du Belier, (need 2 more judges)
3:00pm Subtlty Making and Competition - Liadan of Patrin-Or,  (Need 2 more judges)
4:00pm Storytelling - Kathy
4:30pm A Visit from Grandfather Frost and Snowmaiden
I will be on site by 9am and I still have room for more volunteers.  Please contact me off list at ithilinpalandriael at yahoo.com  if you would like to donate your time to our youth.


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