[Northkeep] archery / thrown weapons standings in the known world ( not final )

ld.blackmoon ld.blackmoon at cox.net
Sun Dec 6 11:11:18 PST 2009


on the thrown weapons front:
the twic ( thrown weapons interkingdom competition ) 
ansteorra shows no posted scores   : (

on the archery front:

at this time the final scores have all been shot for this years ikac and ikcac , but marshals still have time to turn those scores in, so these are   not final scores .
at this time , ansteorra ranks 
1st in ikac open bow division by a mere 9.33 points.
4th in ikac open crossbow division , but 40.34 more points would have put us in 1st place.
1st in ikac period bow , but only by 0.67 points.
3rd in ikac period crossbow , but 24.67 points would have put us in 1st place.
ansteorra had no average in the child ( up to 10 yrs old ) division ( only 2 ansteorran scores submitted )
youth ( 10-13 yrs old ) division does not require an average for this year ( the top 3 youth scores recieve medalions regardless of kingdom ) how ever at this time 2 of the 3 top youth scores are from ansteorra !!!

in the ikcac divisions , it is my sad duty to report that only gates edge and ravens fort archers had scores turned in .
thus , ansteorra stands in last place !!!
no scores were turned in for the ikcac child or youth divisions : (

remember , the ikcac division is to help prepare and keep combat archers in practice with their combat archery gear.
when you can't shoot at people , you can still shoot at targets !!
not to mention, its good to be skilled in more than one type of archery gear, how many archers can pick up a open bow / crossbow, and, a period bow / crossbow, as well as a combat bow/ crossbow ?? can you shoot well with all of them ??
could you defend your or your kingdoms honor with all of them ??
it also helps the kingdoms reputation , as well as the archery communities reputation.

the new ikac / ikcac season won't start until feb 1st 2010 , so everyone have some happy hollidays, get your gear serviced
( new strings, wax, new shafts, bolts, what ever ) and be prepared in 2010 to show the known world that ansteorran archers 
all  ansteorran archers are a force to be reconed with = )

( ps, all the thrown weapons people should do the same for the 2010 season as well ; ) 
lets show the known world that ansteorrans kick as...... ( ummm forgot the kiddies )  are a # 1 top choice !!!

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun

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