[Northkeep] Wiesenfeuer Yule - Thank You

Shanna Ward camberbabe at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 8 12:28:26 PST 2009

Greetings unto the Populace,
Now that the event is over & we've had time to recover, we would like to express our deepest appreciation.  Yule could not have been possible without everyone that helped.  This was very much a learning experience & we hope that the next event we choose to autocrat will be as much if not more fun than this one.  That being said, it was..... well, FUNtastic!
A few people that we applaud for their time & effort......
Her Majesty & Ld Eadric Anstapa for allowing us to host the Royal Huntsman and for honoring us with your presence.  
Their Excellencies & Ly Caterina for trusting us to run Yule even though we'd never autocrated before.  lol  What an incredible learning organization we play in.  fuuuun times.  
The Baroness' of the North for Their sponsership of the Toy Tourneys & all Their populace that helped run the lists.  Truely wouldn't have happened without you all.
Centurian D'Alder for all your assistance in set up & clean up & for being very accommodating with the site times.
Ly Genefe for the gift basket prep & all those that donated to them.  We had beautiful, thoughful gifts & made us proud to offer them to the Champions & winners.
Ly Dee & crew for the tasty sideboard.  yummy... just sayin'
Ly Branislava & Ly Kheoniia for one of the most delicious feasts we've ever had a chance to nibble on while working.
Ly Laidan for running the MOC activities. I'm sure the kids had a great time.
Everyone that decorated the hall, HE Adena, Count Hrafn, Kevin, Orion, Kylie, Valia, Dee, Ellen, uhhhhmmmm I am SURE there were more people but the brains are a little fried.  btw, Hrafn, you should constantly be wrapped in christmas lights, it's a good look for you.  =)
Mi'Lord Kevin for just being there & doing any & every little thing that needed to get done.  You are a great go-fer.
There has got to be more people to thank & if we did not say it personally or post it here, please know that we thank you so very much.
Ly Shanna Camber
Ly Angelique le Wolfe

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