[Northkeep] Bubbles hits the stage!

Tina Michael tinabetta at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 18:15:27 PST 2009

Hey all!

   I just received my schedule for the Spotlight Theatre today, good thing I
looked at it! Bubbles debuts on the 28th of March! EEEEEeeekkkkk! Guess I
gotta start sewing and polishing up the old act sooner than I thought. I was
so caught up with preparations for Gulf Wars that I had kinda put her on the
old back burner. Now I really have got to hustle my bustle.

 Anybody know of a good shoe repair shop near to Owasso? I have a pair of
dance boots that need new heels.

Thanks to everyone who offered help and advice, I have been learning "Ta rah
rah boom de ay" (otherwise known as "Tahlala's Bustier" ), "Tavern in the
Town" and I can already do a good rendition of  "When Irish Eyes are
Smiling" the comic patter has to be improvised on the spot, hummm, think I
can do that ok....

Oh crud!  I gotta get sewing!!!! Yikes!

 Your friend,
 Bubbles Boudoir
Lady Augustina Elizabetta da San Germano
 That Trimarian Spy-girl

Any day above ground is a good day!

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