[Northkeep] Minors at Gulf Wars

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These are the forms they are talking about:
    *  Minor's Waiver and Informed Consent to Participate
    * Family version of the waiver (can list more than one child on same
    * *Designated Adult in Charge of Minors Not Accompanied by a
Parent/Legal Guardian
    * **Medical Authorization for Minors

And PDF's of all these forms can be found on this page:

I hope that helps,
Lady Marion Makkingze
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So the Gulf Wars website says "Children 17 & under attending without their
Parent/s or court-appointed legal guardian must have all three Society
waivers" and I have a question about that. What do they mean by "all three
Society waivers?"  Ayla and I will be going and bringing at least Alex and
likely Aaron too. When we go eventing with the boys we like to get a
notorized waiver on them for her in case I have/want to leave site... if we
remember to actually do it.  (Btw, even if you are not in our situation
where state laws wind up all over your living situation-- I totally
recommend that if you are a single parent that you find someone you trust
with your kids and talk to them about being a designated emergency waiver
holder for them.)

So is the Gulf Wars site telling me that I need to get the non-parent waiver
from each Kingdom involved? Or are they telling me to get my Kingdom's
waiver? Anyone got any idea?

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