[Northkeep] Fund Raiser

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
Wed May 6 06:44:56 PDT 2009

Monday, Amanda Blackwolf posted that her good lord, Thormund Blackwolf, mundanely known as Jim Wallace, had injured his hand fairly grievously in an accident at work.  He is looking at a 2 month recovery time, which, since he is an automobile mechanic, means 2 months away from work.  His Excellency Ian has given permission for us to hold a fund-raising raffle at Castellan (June 5-7) this year so that we can raise some money to help out Thurmund, Amanda, Krystal and Alex.

So the purpose of this missive is to beg items worthy of being raffled off.  Handmade items, baked goods, pieces of garb, ornamental items, weapons, pieces of armor - all is welcome.  The raffle will be run as raffles at Castellan have been in the past.  We will sell tickets for $1each on Friday and Saturday, then Saturday late afternoon, before feast, we will draw names, first picked gets the first pick off the table, etc.  

Please help to perpetuate the legend of the north's generosity to its people in need.  If you would prefer to send an outright donation to help the family, please contact me off-list at steldr at cox.net and I will get you contact information.  Thank you in advance for your kind help.


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