[Northkeep] "Put out that bloody cigare..." *

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 10 12:13:22 PDT 2009

Alright everyone I think this has gone on long enough...

The auction what ever you prefer to call it is just an attempt offering 
honest aid for a good cause; to help a family in need. Those of you arguing 
are stealing from the effort with your bickering. If this thing does happen 
don't call it a slave aution don't call it anything other than what it is, 
an action to help the Family of Thormund and Amanda. What is auctioned will 
not be lewd or illegal it will be services of some kind decided by the the 
individuals who offer themselves to take part in this effort, do not 
belittle them by calling them slaves and please stop bickering over this 


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